The M.O.D. Squad

While reading “Against All Odds,” I had to laugh about this:

Buckley’s rationale for [refusing compensation for confiscation] was simple: “We’ve got a right to get poison out of society.” He denounced the Springfield, Mass., handgun manufacturer Smith & Wesson as “merchants of death.”

Anyone else suddenly inspired to watch a comedy tonight?

4 Responses to “The M.O.D. Squad”

  1. Hagagaga says:

    Lawrence O’Donnell has referred to John Moses Browning (PBUH) as a “merchant of death.”

  2. Weer'd Beard says:

    Fantastic film!

    Also a great message, and a neat inner conflict as we ALL know smoking isn’t good for you…but freedom is!

    “The Great State of Vermont will NOT apologize for our Cheese!”

  3. Countertop says:

    I’ve based my career on that film!

  4. PT says:

    One of the greatest hidden gems of all times. My favorite part is when the gun lobbyist he tries to go through the metal detector screening near the end of the movie.