Stupid of the Year

Apparently no one clued this guy off that it’s bullet resistant armor, as he apparently decided the best way to make sure it worked was to shoot himself in the abdomen with a 10mm Glock. I consider this to be about as smart as testing the airbags in your car by driving it into a concrete wall at 40MPH.

It’s interesting, but in the early days of kevlar body armor, the inventor convinced police the stuff worked by shooting himself with it using a .38 service revolver, which was the standard sidearm of most police at the time. I get it’s smart marketing, even if it’s stupid gun safety, but at least that guy chose a relatively modest round that was unlikely to push the armor to its limit. That pales in comparison to testing soft body armor with a round as powerful as a 10mm, though. I think I recall the shooter saying that it was a level II vest. If that’s the case, 10mm is definitely on the upper end of what that vest would have a prayer to stop. I’d say this guy is lucky.

9 thoughts on “Stupid of the Year”

  1. There a reason that tattooed idiot is living in a dirty double wide. He’s not make a good decisions up to that point, why would he start now?

  2. Research Richard Davis and his “Second Chance Body Armor.” The sport of bowling pin shooting arose out of his method of demonstrating the effectiveness of his product. He would shoot himself in the chest with a .357 Magnum, then immediately turn the gun on a table of bowling pins, and take them down to demonstrate that being shot while wearing one of his vests would not render an officer disabled.

  3. The Gizmodo contributor who wrote the article seem a bit fact challenged when it comes to firearms. Or the real world.

  4. Unfortuneately the world has a glut of semi intelligent people willing to do stupid things. On this try the gene pool was not robbed of one of its outstanding members. We really need to allow more of these mensa members to try this type of behavior in the hope that natural selection of the smartest prevails. The fact that I was compelled to write about this subject is in itself an afront to My intelligence. Is there no end to stupidity ?

  5. did anyone else watch that video and think it looked like it was faked? i hate to cast doubt on it, but his extra ‘padding’ of body mass didn’t look like it even jiggled. i’m probably wrong though, maybe the jiggle was fast, like 10mm fast.
    it sounded kinda right on audio though…

  6. It’s rather funny that the person singles out one “idiot” and then concludes that everyone should die. Oh, and we should ban guns, too!

    A glaring example of “punish everyone for one individual’s (alleged)* stupidity”.

    *I say “alleged”, because I don’t have enough information to know how stupid this person’s actions were. I could imagine a raeson or two why you would want to shoot yourself in the chest, although I would personally never do it myself, and nor would I encourage others to do it. Regardless of whether it was stupid enough, the desire to punish everyone is still there!

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