Media Matters Has No Credibility on Guns

I was relatively amused yesterday when reports from readers started coming in that I had garnered the attention of the world-class hypocrites at Media Matters. It’s always difficult to decide how to respond to an organization, who’s one of the biggest boosters of gun control out there, but whose leader has been condoning one of his underlings illegally toting a Glock around Washington D.C to protect him from imagined enemies. But by waiting, I can at least report to you that Media Matters sent me  a grand total of 18 visits yesterday. So much for the power and reach of Brock’s merry band of discontents.

I would think that Media Matters, of any organization, would support Starbuck’s policy, since it’s pretty obvious that the vast right-wing conspiracy Brock needs to protect himself from doesn’t have any compunction about headed in for a Chai Latte and a scone while peaceably strapped. But I guess if you’re fine with breaking the gun laws of the District of Columbia, you’ll have someone nearby with a hog leg tied on, no matter the wishes of Starbucks on the topic of carry. The rules are for the little people, after all; people like you and me.

For the record, the Starbucks BUYcott was a resounding success. The gun control folks were utterly destroyed, and we captured the media stories about it. My call was a call for politeness; to keep buying, sending a note to corporate every once in a while, and telling Starbucks we appreciate them. But I wanted to let Starbucks go back to selling coffee without having folks trying to continuously drag them into their cause, and making their social media outlets into a battleground of pro v. anti. It’s a shame there’s no voice on the other side of this issue calling for restraint, since the same ten or so anti-gun fanatics have been continuously, and quite rudely, spamming Starbucks Facebook Wall with  all matter of hysterics unrelated to coffee. And unlike me, who never owned this event, and is just another voice in the wind, they could coordinate a stop to their haranguing if they wanted.

No matter though, it’s the weekend, and the shills don’t get paid to troll on the weekends. Perhaps Starbucks will catch a break after all.

4 thoughts on “Media Matters Has No Credibility on Guns”

  1. No, Ladd himself is still at it. A few others I recognize from the CSGV/Brady pages have posted once or twice, but Ladd is still going.

    The only reason I see for him to be “punching down” and chirping at random passersby is that he can’t get the sort of rise he desires out of us. In effect he’s trying to get John Q Public to write his blog posts for him.

    All I think we can do is keep reminding folks that are dealing with him over there that this is his wish and ask them not to oblige him.

  2. A was reading a few replies on the media matters page you linked to and one thing really stood out as an explanation of all that the anti’s do. In the heading of one of the replies…..

    “by Imbecile”

    Pretty much sums it all up, doesn’t it?

  3. I wouldn’t say Mr. Media Matters’ Washington DC enemies were imaginary — after all, if it weren’t illegal (and provided someone could convince me to go to Washington DC at all, which might be a struggle) I’d certainly prefer to carry than not, enemy specificity notwithstanding. That fact however does nothing to diminish the hypocrisy.

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