NGVAC Ad in Times Square on Starbucks Protest

Jacob is wondering who’s paying for the ad on the Times Square jumbo-tron. My guess is that, as a 501(c)(3), they got some PSA time, meaning that PRNewswire ran it for them gratis. Not that it matters, as their boycott is still going to be made of epic fail. Last night, the Starbucks Appreciation Event topped 10,000 people on Facebook, and is now well on its way to 11,000. If everyone who went to that event spent $10 on average, that’s $100,000 more in sales Starbucks will have that day that they wouldn’t have had previously. While Starbucks grosses about 26 million in a day, this isn’t chump change for a day’s work.

If you’re not sure how you can spend ten bucks at Starbucks, Barron Barnett came up with a great idea of buying a few bags of Starbucks for the troops overseas. Follow the link for details if you’re stationed overseas or know someone who is stationed overseas that might like a little taste of home.

9 thoughts on “NGVAC Ad in Times Square on Starbucks Protest”

  1. I think Starbucks already has a program set up in which you can buy coffee to send to the troops, this is done directly at the counter. I usually grab an iced tea on Wednesdays so I’ll ask today. I could be mistaken though, I suspect it’s Caribou coffee shops that do that but would be surprised if Starbucks didn’t. Oi, too many chains, not enough memory cells.

    1. So I asked at the counter today. They no longer do that. Used to “when the war was new.” Though the troops probably need the coffee now more then ever.

      Barista went on to say that other organizations work to donate for every purchased bag etc, girl guides for one? Not sure how that works.

      Seems it’s just Caribou that still has their “support the troops” campaign. Or maybe it’s per store or region?

  2. I got the answer in the comments on my blog. Basically, they paid PRN to distribute their press release and included their logo with it. PRN runs releases with logos on the jumbotron at least once during the day depending upon volume. It cost only ~$1500. What is deceiving is that NGVAC gives the impression that it is a billboard ad when in reality it may have been on the jumbotron for only a minute or so.

  3. I don’t go to Starbucks much any more – there are local places with better coffee and Starbucks tends to be full of obnoxious hipsters. Thanks to whoever paid for the sign reminding me to make an exception on Feb. 14.

  4. Also given the majority of the people supporting this pseudo boycott admit they never shop Starbucks, their effect will be minimal no matter how many people participate.

    Meanwhile many of us will make an extra trip for this purpose, which WILL make a HUGE difference.

    I suspect they’ll be even more pissed when people with guns lit candles.

    1. Remember to put it in a tip jar, too. I’m planning on leaving a little note that simply says “Thanks, Starbucks, for staying out of the 2nd Amendment Debate. It’s greatly appreciated!”

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