Next Steps in Canadian Gun Control Reform

The Canadian Shooting Sports Association is looking at some next steps, following up on their victory over the long gun registry. They’re now looking at licensing reform. Whether another step has any legs or not is entirely dependent on Canadian gun owners, but this doesn’t offer much hope, from a dealer in Canada:

Back in Sudbury, Ramakko said he hears very few complaints about gun licences. He expects the conversation at the gun counter will now turn from politics back to hunting.

If that happens, then the registry repeal is just a one time thing, and will quite possibly be reversed the next time the Tory’s are out of power.

One thought on “Next Steps in Canadian Gun Control Reform”

  1. With ATCs being as rare as hen’s teeth and their “safe storage” laws making just about any in-house defensive useage illegal (or will be prosecuted as such) self defense usage of firearms is pretty outside the norm up in Canada.

    Which is why even the pro side up there is almost entirely all hunting and sport shooting.

    And when you remove self defense from the table it gives the antis a big in because now you’re not aruging about a right or protecting your life, but about your hobby.

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