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  1. Reverse the question and the answer is obvious: why are violent people anti-gun? Because they are wicked people who intend to hurt the weak, and they want them helpless.

  2. I agree with Clayton, I think the reason so many Anti’s are Anti’s is that they realize that they are out of control and violent, and assume everyone else is the same as they are, and therefore should not be trusted with deadly weapons.

    Kind of like the old saying, ‘You despise most in others what you see in yourself’.

  3. I’m the author of the article. I’ve been directed here by someone who read it. I’m glad he sent me over. There are so many interesting things things to read here!

    No, it’s not always the case, I made a generalization and I find a lot of liberal lobbyists have serious control issues. When they start losing their arguments, they respond the only way they know how to in the hopes we’ll respond in kind not realizing we take great effort to educate ourselves about our topic or passion.

  4. I think the reason Anti-Gunners make comments like I hope you shoot your self is because they want you to fail so they can say I told you so. I also believe that they have a personal control issue.

  5. The rhetoric is on both sides…Pro-gun cherry pick what anti-gun folks say and anti-gun cherry pick what pro-gun folks say…I would love to see both sides actually discuss this issue and not resort to name calling. Both sides have trolls but neither side should be judged by their trolls.

    1. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and if there’s anyone on the other side who can have an honest discussion, I have not yet met them. I think the problem is, most people might agree with a gun control measure here and there. I have very little doubt a majority of gun owners probably would surrender on private sales, for instance. But there’s really not much discussion to be had there. You can talk to a reasonable person and come up with compromises. You can also make them understand the danger of compromising just for the sake of being reasonable. You may never completely agree, but you can at least have a discussion.

      Most of the people who care enough about gun control to actually do something about it are generally foaming at the mouth gun haters. Most of them have lost loves ones, or been direct victims of “gun violence.” You can’t reason with someone like that.

      Also, with groups like CSGV making a point to actively attack any 2A advocate they encounter, it’s polarized the debate to a great deal, and made our side more nasty as well. It’s unfortunate, but people suck. What are you going to do?

      1. Don Kates, who used to be a supporter of reasonable gun control laws, used to say that those pushing for gun bans, or very restrictive licensing schemes, or registration laws with the express goal of using it for later confiscation, were poisoning the well. They were so intent on getting their way that they had made any reasonable gun control laws completely impossible.

        I perceive that some of the more extreme open carry advocates have a somewhat similar effect on the gun control debate: their actions inflame public opinion in the middle, and not in our direction.

      2. I love debating, talking with people with differing views. It’s no fun if we’re all the same.

        As for those who have experienced gun violence or lost loved ones to gun violence, it’s not just gun control advocates that have. Those who believe we have a right to own firearms have as well, not everyone but some, but we realize it’s not the guns fault. I could argue knives should be banned for the same reason or cars due to drunk drivers. The list goes on.

        As for people suck, lots do, lots don’t. I’m just trying to get a handle on why the argument has to degrade this degree.

      3. Very good points Sebastian…And I’m fairly new to the politics of guns..Maybe the rose color hasn’t completely warn off yet :-)

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