A Little Starbucks Appreciation

Bitter I went today. I was going to post my receipt, but I forgot to ask for one. Oops. Either way, we pumped 15 dollars into the Starbucks economy today. If Facebook is to be believed, there will be around 23,000 people that will join me.

Feel free to post a link or picture of your appreciation today, and don’t forget to let Starbucks Corporate know that you appreciate them staying out of the great gun debate. I’d also like to note that while the red velvet whoopee pies are good, they are no substitute for the full size red velvet cupcake, which I miss.

30 thoughts on “A Little Starbucks Appreciation”

  1. I was there at 7:59. Dropped a deuce in the tip box, left with a kick ass breakfast sandwich and receipt. Posted the receipt on the nitwit’s facebook page as well as the buycott page.

      1. No, I hope you meant “took a fat dump in the box.” That would be awesome.

  2. I stopped by the Starbucks near my home on the way in to work this morning. Got my Coffee and a $20 card, which I will use at noon at the Starbucks across the street from where I work.

    Should be no problem staying awake today! :)

  3. God bless capitalism ! 23,000 to 144, I think it was??? .006% anti. Point, zero, zero six percent. Bet they don’t do this again!!!

  4. Even though I am currently in Illinois (the LAST state to refuse any sort of carry provision) I still stopped by, and mentioned WHY I was there to the manager.

  5. Was there at 6:50AM. $5.20 for a large Blonde (natch) Roast and a sausage sammich. Gave them 3 $2 bills. The Gen Zero barista remarked “More two dollar bils?” I could see one deuce in the tipjar.

    BTW: It’s got to be far more than your 23,000. Many of us disdain FaceBook, and I’ve gotten 7 or 8 more BUYcotters who are not FaceBook or gun blog participants.

    And we’ll be back for lunch and after-work treats. ;^)’

    1. “The Gen Zero barista remarked “More two dollar bils?” I could see one deuce in the tipjar. ”

      Awesome that they are definitely noticing. Do you think anyone noticed the dozen or so people that boycotted Starbucks today? Doubtful.

  6. 2 bags of coffee, a medium cappucino and a bagel with cream cheese: $31
    Helping humiliate gun banners: Priceless.

    Add me to the list of those who didn’t Facebook but still participated.

  7. $8 from me plus a $2 bill in the tip jar.

    I usually don’t patronize SBUX but I had a nice cup of Joe there so I’ll be back again. This buycott may actually increase their business.

  8. On vacation in the heart of Mordor this week (Westminster Dog Show). Have patronized 4 different Starbucks and a Barnes and Noble in Manhattan so far (and I had to reload my Starbucks card). All doing brisk business. Even if the laws suck Starbucks follows them, which is all we can ask. Go coffee!


    PS – not a Facebooker either.

    1. Greg F.;

      Be sure to look for a handsome black Standard Poodle named London in the WDS. He’s in the running for Best of Show, as he won Eukanuba going away. He was bred by the president of our Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) club!

      1. CF,

        If I’m thinking of the right Poodle (Breeder = Holowaychuk?), she won breed for Standard but got beat in the Non-Sporting group by a Dalmatian. Sorry.


        1. No, London is a male Standard. And if a female won best of breed…

          Oil Well.

          Still, an Eukanuba Blue Ribbon is a tremendous feather in their cap! I don’t know the name of their business, but they are located in Lucerne Valley, CA.

          1. Okay, I know who you mean now. Hey, unlike 99.9 percent of dog shows Eukanuba has prize money. I’d take that any day.

  9. Also went to Starbucks for some tea and pumpkin bread. Also not on Facebook.

  10. Hit one in MN today — left a $2 bill in tip jar, and thanked them for respecting human rights.

    Based on their lack of surprise with the $2, and the 2 other guys I ran into…I’d say turnout was overwhelming!

  11. Since I don’t do Facebook, I’ll post here: Just got home, came by Starbucks around the corner from the house on the way. Bought a medium black coffee (drinking it as I type), a muffin, and a Starbucks 20 oz mug. Told them why I was there and put a $2 bill in the tip box.

    I asked if they had seen any other $2 bills, and the barista admitted they had seen a few today.

    Thought: I’m going to start keeping a few $2 bills in the wallet and start using them to reinforce 2A at retailers where it’s appropriate.

  12. I took my Indian friend along today and we talked about the various rights of our respective countries. It would seem that Indians must prove a necessity for self defense before they can get a permit to own any firearm. Interesting.

  13. Had a medical procedure and couldn’t carry but I stopped by the Starbucks nearby. 12 dollar tab paid with 2 dollar bills. Waitress had heard about the buycott and smiled when she saw the bills. Wife went to Walmart later and the cashier said she hadn’t seen so many 2 bills as had come in today. Wife also had business with the credit union and the girl there said they’d been handing 2 dollar bills out all week. Wife explained why and the cashier started laughing and said “Good”.

  14. I live in Alberta and supported the buycott; dropped a twenty on a pound of coffee and a grande to go and wrote a comment on their cards. We have had our issues with the long gun registry which is finally, under our conservative prime minister, getting repealed.

  15. Check out the Two Dollar Bill Tracker Project at twodollarbill.net. It’s in support of the Second Amendment and allows people to track their two-dollar bills as they travel across the country. Like Where’s George but for two dollar bills!

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