Emily Finally Gets Her Gun

Hear the final tale of her story of Emily getting her gun. But this is not over for her:

Now, this series is far from over. As I’ve found, the hurdles placed before gun owners do not end here. I need to figure out the laws on getting ammunition and transporting the gun to a state that allows practice shooting.

Most of all, I intend to keep pushing the Council of the District of Columbia to rewrite the its laws to make them fair and constitutional for law-abiding Americans.

Excellent. One of the great advantages to getting more women involved in shooting is that when they feel something is wrong, they have more tendency to try to do something about it than men do. Some of the most passionate new advocates for the Second Amendment I’ve met are newly minted female gun owners. I also believe politicians tend to be more sympathetic to women standing up for their Second Amendment rights than men.

4 thoughts on “Emily Finally Gets Her Gun”

  1. “I then took my gun straight home, where I have been practicing my stance in front of the mirror. I love my gun.”

    Another gun nut is born.

    Welcome to the tribe, Emily!!!!

  2. …politicians tend to be more sympathetic to women standing up for their Second Amendment rights…
    Nah, they’re just politically afraid to point the finger and try the “gun worship is a manifestation of repressed violent sexual fantasies” on the women folk. They know they’d get barbecued within the news cycle.

  3. If I could comment over there, I would tell her that there is a nice indoor range in Springfield VA, about two blocks off I-95 South below the “mixing bowl” – the intersection of I-95, 395, and 495. At least there was back in 2009.

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