A Better Rail System?

The Firearm Blog posts about a new type of module rail system that looks a lot better, to me, than Picatinny rails. All my AR-15s, save one, have standard ribbed hand guards. I find the Picatinny rail hand guards uncomfortable to shoot. On my one AR with Picatinny rails, I have ribbed hand guards attached to the bottom for comfort. This system looks immensely comfortable compared to current rail systems.

4 thoughts on “A Better Rail System?”

  1. I have one of those magpul MOE’s on mine. With the setups I have I don’t really need a picatinny handgaurd. And I don’t see paying $200 for something I won’t use. At most I would want a forward grip on my handgaurd it would require minimal work and parts.

  2. What’s new about it? JP Rifles/VTAC and PRI have had rails like this for close to a decade. And Troy has had one for the last 3 or 4.

    Standard hand guards and MOEs don’t free float your barrel. Which many people find important. I recommend reading “Green Eyes, Black Rifle” by Kyle Lamb for a primer on modern ARs and the trade offs involved in their various features.

  3. Let me guess: expensive, proprietary, and all the usual widgets have to have adapters to use it.

    Barring lots of .gov/.mil interest, it’s gonna stay in its niche. The M1913 is going to be with us for a long, long time.

  4. Diomed, it’s a 1913 rail. The difference is that this is a free-float handguard without all the unnecessary rails of a quadrail system. Most people don’t need 4 separate 10-inch rails on their carbine. They just need a little rail for a light, and maybe for a foregrip. This is a smooth free-float handguard that has little bolt-on sections of 1913 rail. You only add rails for what you need but skip the weight and bulk of all the excess rail space of a quadrail.

    The noveske entry is somewhat unique because it has a smaller diameter than the competition. This lets the shooter get a better grip. It’s like the difference between holding a backetball in 1 hand vs holding a baseball in 1 hand. Smaller means more grip because you can reach your fingers around it.

    Also, Noveske will eventually offer accessories that bolt directory to the forearm without a rail. Currently most similar forearms work by forearm -> 1913 rail -> accessory. Noveske intends to cut this down to forearm -> accessory. It should be simpler, stronger, and lighter.

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