Making the News in New York City

While I can’t help but laugh at the tagline “Latest Gallup Poll Seems To Suggest Americans Becoming Increasingly Fearful,” it’s interesting that even the media in New York City now are doing stories on the number of women who are buying guns, and the Bradys are still essentially playing the ostrich strategy when it comes to dealing with the news. This is also interesting:

“Our membership has just exploded,” said Scott Bach, head of the New Jersey Association of Gun and Rifle Clubs. “People are waking up to the fact that they are responsible for their own safety.”

Good to hear that not only are new shooters coming in, but they are getting involved. I do hope the sand the Bradys are stuffing their heads in is nice and soft, because they may want to push a little harder and really get their ostrich heads down in there deep. I don’t think the news is going to get any better for them.

Hat tip to Cam & Company

UPDATE from Bitter: I notice that Dennis Henigan is listed as just an “anti-gun activist.” I guess Vice President for Law and Policy at the nation’s traditionally dominant gun control organization isn’t worth mentioning anymore.

4 thoughts on “Making the News in New York City”

  1. soft, moist and warm. . . i don’t think that’s sand. . . brings new meaning to the term “echo chamber” though.

  2. Chicks with guns, not exactly my faible. Well, to each and everyone his freedom of choice.

  3. What’s amazing is that this has to be mostly a change in attitude about self-defense or guns, not a change in risk. Crime rates in America have not been this low in decades.

  4. They have their heads stuck somewhere, but I don’t think it’s in sand……

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