Preemption Enhancement Bill Moving in Pennsylvania

NRA reports that the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee passed the pre-emption bill today by a vote of 19-4. All of the Republicans who voted went in our favor, and six of the Democrats joined them. Politically speaking, the only name that jumps out at me as odd to want to pick a fight on gun rights in 2012 is Rep. Eugene DePasquale. He’s running for a statewide office, though one that NRA doesn’t grade on (to the best of my knowledge).

In the alert, NRA notes that the bill could be on the House floor as soon as Wednesday. They are asking people to call their state representatives to make sure that no poison pill amendments are added to the legislation.

If enacted, House Bill 1523 would help eliminate the need for litigation by gun owners who have been unduly burdened by local ordinances which violate the current state firearm preemption law. Citizens with no criminal intent should not be placed in jeopardy of running afoul of local restrictions they don’t even know exist simply because they have crossed from one municipality to another.

That would be nice. What a crazy concept that citizens won’t bear such a high burden of pointing out that a government shouldn’t be making illegal laws.

3 thoughts on “Preemption Enhancement Bill Moving in Pennsylvania”

  1. Awesome but still lacks the threat of personal liability and removal from office like Florida does. Still a great bill and a good example for other states.

  2. Agree with PT…it still lacks alot of bite that the FL law has, but at least its a start.

    The City of Brotherly Shove with its Killadelphia reputation as being staunchly anti-2A wtih laws that they have passed in the past few years will still probably try to trump this proposed law somehow.

    At least its a step in the right direction though…

  3. We will see how this affects the legislation in other states. I am not so certain about it, as people’s ideas are often very difficult to influence.

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