Civil Rights Victory in Florida

A bill that allows any soldier, regardless of age, to be able to get a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit, has passed with a unanimous vote. Robb notes that means even the die hard anti-gun folks didn’t want to touch this one. Like I said, it’s hard for the anti-gun folks to find friends these days.

6 thoughts on “Civil Rights Victory in Florida”

    1. Duhhhh. Theoretically speaking, a 17 year old could get a license in Florida. Mathematically, he would would be 17, if he was 17. Funny how next day you see things you wrote and laugh!!

      Anyway, Florida is low taxes, no State income tax and fair weather most of the year to lower my heating costs. I guess I can get use to lizards and alligators.

      1. And mosquitoes, and cockroaches, and lots of unlicensed and uninsured drivers.

  1. When Congress passed the Law Enforcement Officers’ Safety Act, which gave current and retired cops nationwide CCW, I suggested (and wrote some Congressmen) that the next item they should attempt was the “Military and Veterans Safety Act.” In other words essentially the same law extending it to active, retired and former military (all Vets).

    This is a hard thing for anyone to vote against.

    1. LEOSA doesn’t give current and retired cops nationwide CCW – it forces the states to “shall-issue” their existing permits. This is apparently a fairly major pain in the ass in NJ; the permit time is short, requires requal regularly (6 months, IIRC), and still has an enormous amount of judicial discretion.

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