Destroying Preemption in Pennsylvania

A Senate Bill has been introduced. NRA is not calling for action yet, just noting it. What’s interesting to me is that one of the sponsors of SB176 is Republican Stu Greenleaf, who is the committee chair for the Senate Judiciary Committee. Greenleaf lost his NRA endorsement after helping to sabotage Castle Doctrine with anti-gun amendments in the last session. I’m guessing his leadership position on this anti-gun bill means we can pretty much put him in the anti-gun column from now on.

What this means for Pennsylvania gun owners is that the party leadership of the Senate Judiciary Committee is now solidly anti-gun, despite the Republicans being in control of the Senate.

9 thoughts on “Destroying Preemption in Pennsylvania”

  1. Yo Stew! WTF? So this is basically why Darrell Clarke and the rest of those a$$clowns in the Philthy city council were so confident to bring up that ridiculous legislation in the first place. They new this garbage was coming down the pike….

    The sad thing is that Greeny’s term is not up until 2014…F!

    I’m sure he will help knock Castle Doctrine down too…

  2. @Kelly – SB 34 is the weaker of the two Castle Doctrine bills introduced in the NC General Assembly. It limits a person to their home and only there. HB 74 is the much stronger Castle Doctrine bill introduced by Rep. Mark Hilton. It protects people in both homes and vehicle. It also includes a no requirement to retreat provision.

  3. Sounds like primary elections need to mix things up. It is tough to unseat leaders that are in a position to bring home lots of bacon, though.

  4. If he holds up Castle Doctrine, I will personally make him my pet peeve.

    What does it take to have some one removed from a committee by their party. I would presume that’s a party decision.

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