You Might Be a Gun Nut …

if you keep your finger properly indexed, even on a toy gun. Doing some home improvement recently, it was noticed I was keeping my finger properly indexed when (not) using my drill. If you develop good habits, you’ll do them without thinking. On the drill this is not so much a concern. When I’ve been using the circular saw, looking to make sure everything is lined up correctly, keeping your booger hook off the “saw your finger off” switch is definitely a good habit to have developed in other contexts.

11 thoughts on “You Might Be a Gun Nut …”

  1. Also of vital importance when using nailguns. Really, all the rules of proper handgun safety apply to power tools.

  2. I actually started using my middle finger on drills. I found it kept things more balanced, especially when drilling above your head.

  3. I found myself doing the same thing this weekend when using my drill. I also “engaged the safety” whenever I finished drilling for a while.

  4. I got my girlfriend into shooting a couple years back, and now all three of her kids (and my daughter) have proper finger placement on their Nerf weaponry. Start those habits EARLY.

    1. That’s a capital idea. I’d take it further after they get some distance, e.g. “We all know these aren’t real guns, but if I ever see you violating Rule 3 you’re in trouble, and now is the time to start really practicing Rule 2. Make it part of the game….”

      Coming from a hunting Gun Culture 1.0 background, Rule 2 was paramount as I was raised; I think it’s a lot harder to learn than Rule 3, and of course Rule 3 doesn’t help you with twigs and stuff reaching out towards your trigger.

  5. At a recent IDPA match did an impression of a toddler, when my head got in front of my feet in a long run. I thought I was going down and I instinctively got the gun up, to increase the chance I held on to it if I went prone involuntarily.

  6. The true sign of a circular saw nut is laying the saw down with the blade parallel to the work surface when done with the cut. This keeps one from being dependent on a functioning blade guard to keep the digits and appendages intact. The old fart that taught me that was known to pin his blade guard back from time to time though.

  7. I tripped on the top step of a staircase when carrying my 18v cordless with a 1″ spade bit, and had my finger on the trigger.

    I tensed up and could hear the thing running as I tumbled down the flight of stairs.

    Fortunately, I was uninjured. I am much more careful now.

    The fall was because of a shoe sole that just chose an inopportune time to separate and trip me up.

  8. I do that too!

    I’ve often noticed when I pick up anything with a trigger the index finger automatically straightens anymore. Drill, circular saw, ever the caulk gun!

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