4 thoughts on “Where’s His Candle?”

  1. Thanks again city of brotherly love! I wouldnt go near that friggin cess pool if Ya paid me.I have worked in some of the rougher parts of pittsburh, and have always had a ccw. When are people gonna wake up. The police are only there to draw a chalk line around the victims body and fill out a report. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away, and lately response times have been getting worse due to budget cuts and layoffs. The only one looking out for You, is You, and the Government is making sure that You cant even do that. Gun banners, Gun free zones are to make You feel safe, but do the exact opposite. Wake up people !

  2. 20 years ago when I was woking at the Philly shipyards, if we had to go into downtown Philly for a tool or part, we always had two in the car, one to buy the tool and one to keep the car from being stolen.

  3. Does the Inquirer always leave out any description whatsoever of the assailants being sought by police? Any explanation there?

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