Buy Your Own Country

From my friend and shooting buddy Jason, who isn’t cool enough to blog yet, I get this news item that the Principality of Sealand, an old World War II offshore artillery platform off the coast of Britain, is up for sale by the owner. A few years back the geek community was abuzz over a tech venture that set up a computer data center on the platform for use as a “data haven”. I’ve met some of the people involved with this venture, and Jason has the distinction of once beating Prince Michael at Hydro Thunder. The world would indeed be a poorer place without wealthy British eccentrics.

If you’ve ever wanted to own your own country, now is the chance.

One thought on “Buy Your Own Country”

  1. Here is a Wired Magazine article about Sealand and the principals behind not only the “island” itself, but HavenCo as well.

    Neal Stephenson based his excellent 1999 book Cryptonomicon on the idea of setting up a data haven in a far-off land, free from The State’s grubby little fingers. In more recent interviews, Stephenson has admitted that it was a failed prediction. The idea of a monolithic data haven has been made moot by a more distributed system featuring thumb drives, iPods, cell phones, and PDAs.

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