California Gun Shop Runs Successful Marketing Campaign

This is really good to see, a California gun shop runs a creative an interesting public ad campaign, that seems to be paying off in spades. It has to be driving the right kind of people bonkers to see it actually working, in California of all places. Plus, you have to love a shop that had the gumption to call themselves PRK Arms.

4 Responses to “California Gun Shop Runs Successful Marketing Campaign”

  1. Prophet says:

    I found it hilarious that at the end the broadcast stated that “not everyone thinks buying a gun for christmas is a good idea”, the only person they found was some guy on the street that said:

    “No no…not for christmas”

    If thats the best anti stance they could find maybe california isn’t hopeless afterall.

  2. DirtCrashr says:

    Go Fresno! This is typical of the Central Valley, a region relatively untouched by the Left-Libuberal BayAryans and LostAngelenos and is literally California’s own Flyover Country.

  3. PRK Arms … like, KMA Motors!

  4. ToddG says:

    “Advertising increases sales, news at 11!”

    Seriously, California?