Gun Control a Goal of Fast & Furious Sales Number Reporting

Sebastian said I should report on this CBS report on documents that show it was used by ATF to push for more gun control. Sadly, my first thought was wondering how it is news at this point. Everyone who paid even scant attention to the scandal knew this was a tactic to push for more gun control. It hardly seems news now that it’s proven.

I look forward to the amusing announcement that these documents are just part of our paranoid conspiracy theories about gun rights as Media Matters so frequently likes to argue. If they were intellectually honest, they would admit that this new evidence shows it wasn’t paranoia run amok, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

7 thoughts on “Gun Control a Goal of Fast & Furious Sales Number Reporting”

  1. Sadly, it’s not that apparent, even to those who are politically aligned with our cause, While Ace has been reporting the goings on about F&F, he is still unconvinced this is a Reichstag Fire operation (though he’s coming around … slowly), and a lot of readers are still bewildered that such a possibility is, well … posible.

  2. It has been apparant for some time for those paying attention. It’s simply hard to imagine any other purpose for what they were doing.

    The important distinction between F&F and the “wide receiver” program of the Bush years is, as I understand it, that when the Bush folks realized that they could not trace or track the guns, the operation ceased.

    The current BATF didn’t care that they couldn’t trace the guns; they didn’t even try. That being the case, what other purpose would such a program have?

    1. If I recall, one of the bosses was actually ‘giddy’ when there were reports of guns showing up at crime scenes.

    2. It’s been posited that arming the Zeta cartel’s opposition was an objective, since the Zetas are viewed by many to be an potential existential threat to the Mexican government.

  3. If they were intellectually honest, they wouldn’t be Media Matters, now, would they?

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