Retention Holsters

I think if people are going to open carry, it’s a wise idea to use a quality holster with some retention features. This is why I think it’s a wise idea. Retention holsters aren’t perfect, but they at least give you some time to react to a grab.

UPDATE: This post had no content earlier. One of the risks of blogging ahead, because I don’t have access at work, is that I can’t log in to fix things. I put this post up hastily over lunch, and then didn’t manage to find out about it until later.

15 Responses to “Retention Holsters”

  1. SayUncle says:

    Is this some clever play on how the invisible post is hard to find? Or did you hit the button too soon?

  2. jtbolt says:

    I bet the invisible post becomes a post about that guy that was OCing and got kilt when some kid swiped his gun.

  3. David says:

    This is why I CC. I don’t want or need a mechanical holster to fail or lock when I most need it to work.

    • lucusloc says:

      yeah, but then the story could just as easily be that he got shot cause he could not get to his weapon fast enough. there are advantages and disadvantages to both methods, and you need to be aware of all of them. I carry both ways, for different reasons and situations and either way i maintain an awareness of the people around me. its something you have to train and practice. sadly, from what i have read i think in this case the cause was not OC, but rather OCing while in condition white.

  4. Zermoid says:

    Same here, open top IWB holster is my general carry, sometimes a shoulder rig or pocket carry of a small caliber gun when needed.

  5. mobo says:

    I usually just jam my Glock in my sweatpants when I go clubbin’ yo!

  6. Freiheit says:

    “I usually just jam my Glock in my sweatpants when I go clubbin’ yo!”

    Yo, that ain’t safe dawg. You could get butt goblins or herpies all over ya gat.

  7. mobo says:

    Seriously though, I think an IWB holster should be loose enough for the pistol to fall out if held upside down. My belt provides the tension needed to keep it in place should I decide to to handstands for some reason, and yet it allows me to draw without any hangups.

    It is hard enough to get a grip and draw a gun from under a shirt in the split-second that reality requires. If your gun hangs up, chances are you’re already getting knocked the F@#K out before you can do anything about it.

  8. Carl from Chicago says:

    Sorry … post made to wrong thread.

  9. dustydog says:

    What should society do with a violent minor that steals a gun and uses it to murder somebody?

    I think any answer beside execution is wrong.

    Putting this juvenile in jail for 2 or 5 years is just delaying his next murder. If Toby Smith is ever free again, he’ll murder within 12 months.

    Of course, if Tyler has shot Toby Smith, Tyler would be jailed and his life ruined.

    • A Critic says:

      I think any answer beside execution is wrong.

      When the state is given, or when it takes, the power to commit premeditated murder, the rule of law will die at the same time as the first execution.

      What would this thug want done to another thug who killed one of his thug buddies? Execution of course. If we are to establish and maintain civilization we should hold ourselves to a higher standard than that of the common murdering thug.

    • Rauðbjorn says:

      I’m not usually in favor of killing kids, but a 16 year old with 7 felonies and two homicides? He’s an adult, or at least a grown-up. Adults (and grown-ups) pays their money and take their chances.

  10. Wes says:

    It was just the other week someone was relating the story of an ex-Secret Service guy or something at a shooting contest who was saying people who shoot themselves in the leg due to retention holsters are idiots. …and then he did the same thing.

    Doesn’t seem like all that great an idea to have a push-button release where your trigger finger isn’t supposed to be until you’re ready to shoot.

  11. Rauðbjorn says:

    I use a SERPA Blackhawk when I OC. I find that during the draw, my finger is naturally aligned with the safety and triggerguard after depressing the release button. I think that most of the issues with ND during drawing is by people not training properly with the holster, thinking that it’s just like their paddle holster. Like any new piece of gear, you need to learn to use it properly and then train with it. Remember the Third Rule: Keep your booger-hook off the bangswitch.