First off, I would like to say that if I had known my user name could have spaces I would have separated the words in my name. I assumed I couldn’t have spaces, and now I feel silly. Oh well!

This is just a short intro post, and then I probably won’t post again until Sunday since I’ll be working all weekend. I understand that in the blogging culture this isn’t a big deal since most people write/read blogs during the week anyway while at the office. I haven’t had an office job in almost five years, and unfortunately I have yet to find a strip club that is modern enough to offer wireless Internet access. Actually, that would be a really bad idea. Customers would bring in their laptops and look at porn online and all the dancers would get pissed. So never mind.

I have a rather distinctive look, and I do magazine modeling as well, so I’m going to be pretty vague about my identity and location. I understand that this is also perfectly acceptable in the blogging culture. I already feel like you guys are really quite an accepting bunch!

About me: Christina is not my real name, but it’s one of the names that I frequently give to customers who demand to know my real name. I’m in my early twenties, and I’ve been married three years. We’re childfree. Before I started stripping I was a personal trainer, and before that I was a philosophy student at a bottom first-tier private college. I started stripping about two years ago. Sebastian was actually one of the first people I told I was thinking about stripping. He was pretty appalled by the idea. Now I think he’s just amused.

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  1. So… how does you husband accept the stripping in rooms full of strange men?

  2. This is her husband. I don’t have a problem with it. I think it’s all kind of silly, honestly.

    I’m not worried about her leaving me for any of these men because, to be quite honest, most of them are kind of pathetic. :) I have very little respect for most strip club patrons, and I’m pretty sure she has even less. There are guys just going there for the environment of naked women dancing around, and that’s fine I guess and I can sort of understand that, and don’t really think they’re losers. But any guy so desperate as to try to actually score with a woman that he is shoving money at to actually pay attention to him for a change is not threatening in the slightest.

    There was a guy last night she told me about that was giving her $10 per digit of her phone number. He gave up after the area code. But honestly… How sad do you have to be to pay $100 to a girl who is totally disinterested in you to get her number? What makes you think in any realm of possibility that she is going to give you her real number after you’ve shown you’re so inept with women you have to pay what probably amounts to a day’s wages to get her number?

    A handful of girls do date patrons, and they’re pretty much looked down on as being idiots by the other girls, or they’re dirty and doing it for pay, in which case the patron is under the delusion that he’s a boyfriend when in reality he’s just an exceptionally clueless john.

    Also, I’m an atheist, so I have no objection based on religious grounds.

    Any other possible objections I can think of are most likely the result of residual cultural boundaries and taboos that I apparently did not pick up like most of society did.

    We are both nudists at home (I’m sure Sebastian will be horrified reading that, when the mental image of me nude appears in his mind), so nudity is completely laughable to us. I get far, far more turned on seeing my wife in clothes than nude, and we both are much more sexual after we’re forced to be clothed for an extended period of time (trips to visit parents, friends visiting, etc.).

    Honestly, it ranks right up there with brushing our teeth. In my mind it is the equivalent of a bunch of sad, lonely guys throwing hundreds of dollars a night at my wife to watch her brush her teeth. You can thus imagine how hilarious and silly I really find the entire thing.

  3. I’m not one to know too much about the inner-workings of strip clubs as all I’ve done is see them on television.

    I’m sure that Sebastian will be even more horrified that you’re getting turned on while being forced to be clothed around him.

    (Although I’m pro-clothing, I do think that Victorian librarians– I mean, fully clothed women — are more attractive than women who wear ultra-skimpy outfits.)

  4. It’s hard to say what’s more horrifying…. that Jym and Christina are nudists at home, or that they apparently are getting turned on when forced to be clothed when I visit :)

  5. Christina!

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