Denial, Then Acceptance (with Excuses)

The initial reports about the Black Friday gun sales surge were met with denials from Brady Campaign Acting President Dennis Henigan.

Today, it seems as though they have come around to the idea that there really was a verifiable sales spike. However, their spokesperson now claims that while they accept that it happened, it was clearly a one time event due to marketing. That’s not the funny part of the article.

The article notes that if it’s just a spike due to marketing, it’s marketing that works. Even better are the quotes from two investment types who note the consistent performance of the firearms industry over the last few years.

“Whereas five years ago it was politically incorrect (to own guns), … what seems to be changing is social acceptance,” said Bret Jordan, analyst at investment firm Avondale Partners. “I think there might be a changing view of firearms.”

If you feel like it, MSNBC posts a poll at the bottom of the article asking people if guns make good Christmas gifts. I know I loved unwrapping a gun on Christmas Day. Apparently, I’m not the only one. Right now the poll is running 80%-20% in our favor.

7 thoughts on “Denial, Then Acceptance (with Excuses)”

  1. We’ve been shopping for a gun for our 14 year old nephew for Christmas. What started as a Remington 870 20 gauge is looking
    like it might be turning into deer rifles for him and his older brother.

    Now if I can only teach them that it’s proper etiquette to offer venison to the uncle who bought the rifle, it’ll be the gift that keeps on giving :)

  2. I wish santa and his elves would make me a custom rifle and put it under the tree.

  3. I remember when I was real little one year my dad got a rifle and my mom got a Fur Coat.

    They were both quite happy.

    I remember the year my dad gave me a .22 for my birthday. I was overly happy and even looking back on it now the only reason I get misty is because while he’s over my shoulder I never see him but only hear him when I go shooting.

  4. Nice comment and sentiment, Barron!!
    I am looking for a nice Trap O/U. But might have to wait until the new year!

    And who is a Brady?? Are they someone I should know?

  5. “…what seems to be changing is social acceptance,” said Bret Jordan, analyst…”

    This is what scares the crap out of MAIG and Brady Bunch about HR 822 (and what I like about it): it is another step towards normalizing guns in society.

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