Increases in NFA Transactions

Extrano’s Alley takes a look at NFA transfer numbers over the past several years. They’ve nearly doubled since 2007. Most of that is likely an increase in interest in sound suppressors. I need to get myself one eventually, but because of some significant life disruptions over the past year, I’m not shooting all that much, to be honest. Once I get back into the swing of things, It’ll be time to start thinking about what to add to the collection.

7 thoughts on “Increases in NFA Transactions”

  1. Of course, ATF’s down another examiner as of last week, with 22,000 applications pending.

    On the plus side, the CLEO signoff elimination is a done deal.

    1. On the plus side, the CLEO signoff elimination is a done deal.

      C’mon, you can’t just say something like that without a little more detail. What makes you say it’s a done deal?

      1. It was announced at SAR this weekend. Current estimate is about a year to get through the Federal Register hoops.

        The proposal to regulate ammunition over half-inch in bore size is also DOA.

  2. Probably the popularity and ease of making AR15 short barrelled rifles is a huge factor as well.

    Can I have more details about the CLEO signoff elimination?

  3. This could be REALLY useful in establishing SBR’s and suppressors as “in common use” for establishing Constitutional protection for them. We really need to make NY, CA, MA, and the other remaining handful of states stop stonewalling against NFA firearm ownership.

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