Herman Cain Like Nicholas Cage in National Treasure?

Les Jones thinks so:

As a friend of mine said, for someone who had never stolen anything, Cage’s character sure picked an ambitious first target. You could say the same thing about Herman Cain trying to win the presidency as his first political office. Based on this week’s announcement Cain obviously didn’t have Cage’s screenwriters.

I never really could buy into Cain as a serious candidate. Even Ronald Reagan, though he had the simple folk charm of a political outsider, was a two term governor of California before seeking the Presidency.

Cain’s 15 minutes was largely due to the party seeking someone to be the anti-Mitt. That clearly isn’t Cain. Who who will be the next anti-Mitt? Gingrich? That’s about all that’s left, before we’re going to have to decide whether to swallow the bitter pill.

15 thoughts on “Herman Cain Like Nicholas Cage in National Treasure?”

  1. Mitt’s biggest appeal is his center politics. Only with the media burying stories did extremist Barry get to hide who he is. He also ran as the anti-Bush. You win or lose an election based on how well you ring with the independent voters. Right now, Barry has a 35% approval rate among independents. Lets just hope for some change in the white house come 11/6/12, because, come 11/7/12 you could see the real Barry unleashed for 4 more years.

    1. He embarrasses them with his defense of liberty in all contexts, not just the ones the democrats are bad at.

  2. In a sense, he already has handled a smaller version of executive office, as a business man.

    I’d be more apt to trust a business man than a career politician.

  3. Gingrich is the anti-Mitt? Hello? Ron Paul? The most constitutional guy running, the most pro-gun guy running, the most small-government guy running, the most I want to get rid of the income tax and IRS guy running, the most let’s audit The Fed guy running,

    the most let’s spend 500+ billion a year on defense but actually have it used for defense guy running, the most no amnesty guy running, the most wants to cut a TRILLION DOLLARS of wasteful spending his first year in office guy running, the most let’s end the war on drugs because it’s cost a zillion dollars and has killed more people than the actual drugs guy running… I could go on….

    The neocons sided with Dems and just passed 93-7 in the Senate a bill that makes the U.S. a “battlefield,” and the military will be able to hold Americans indefinitely without charge if they want to. But, yeah, keep voting for big-government neocons who love shredding The Constitution just as much as liberals do.

        1. This isn’t his first presidential bid. He’s never broken double digits. The reason is that most voters aren’t Libertarians.

          1. That’s too bad since the new NBC/Marist poll says the guy with the best chance to beat Obama is Ron Paul.

            1. It’s the best I’ve ever seem him poll, but I think that’s because a lot of voters don’t know who he is yet, and are generally displeased with the GOP field.

            2. That’s how it’s been working so far with candidates. I think a generally libertarian candidate could win. Paul has a lot of quirky beliefs that I think will scare off most voters.

    1. haha, that was great, especially the Rush Limbaugh part. Good to see Ron Paul putting that campaign money to work. Such as the money donated to him by active military. You know, because they donated more to him than all the other Republican candidates combined. :)

    2. Damn, I almost missed the second Ron Paul ad there. “Because that’s how Ron Paul rolls.” mwahahaha!

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