Groupon Comes Around on Shooting Sports

Just a few days ago, the gun blogosphere was talking about this article that said Groupon refuses to do gun-related deals so as not to offend anyone. Well, I guess that position didn’t last very long when they saw their competitors were making thousands of sales off of shooting sports bargains (something we have documented before).

I saw this deal for more than half off of a round of sporting clays in New Jersey come across the @GrouponPhilly Twitter account this morning.

Yay for learning!

5 Responses to “Groupon Comes Around on Shooting Sports”

  1. Dirk Diggler says:

    several Groupon competitors have done weapons related deals in Missouri. I managed to buy some cheap time at my local range. competition is a mother.

  2. Bryan S. says:

    can they get a firearms related deal that happens to not be out of the country (or at least the purview of all of our rights)?

    • Bitter says:

      Do not tell me you are actually complaining about the fact that I posted a Philadelphia-area Groupon deal since I live in the Philadelphia area.

      Go check your own Groupon site for more deals. I posted this one because it was on topic and I noticed it on their local (to me) Twitter account.


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