Groupon Comes Around on Shooting Sports

Skeet Shooting

Just a few days ago, the gun blogosphere was talking about this article that said Groupon refuses to do gun-related deals so as not to offend anyone. Well, I guess that position didn’t last very long when they saw their competitors were making thousands of sales off of shooting sports bargains (something we have documented before).

I saw this deal for more than half off of a round of sporting clays in New Jersey come across the @GrouponPhilly Twitter account this morning.

Yay for learning!

6 thoughts on “Groupon Comes Around on Shooting Sports”

  1. several Groupon competitors have done weapons related deals in Missouri. I managed to buy some cheap time at my local range. competition is a mother.

    1. Classic Pistol just had a groupon offer which ended last week. I went there to shoot and the showroom was packed full of people to the point where they were sending people home with IOU’s.

  2. can they get a firearms related deal that happens to not be out of the country (or at least the purview of all of our rights)?

    1. Do not tell me you are actually complaining about the fact that I posted a Philadelphia-area Groupon deal since I live in the Philadelphia area.

      Go check your own Groupon site for more deals. I posted this one because it was on topic and I noticed it on their local (to me) Twitter account.

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