Not Smart Enough to Make Public Policy

I have to hand it to the Scottsdale Gun Club, they managed to find a holiday themed public relations campaign that has the wonderful side effect of making our opponents crap their pants. Here’s an example:

Scottsdale Gun Club

You will note from the comments to this picture, how our opponents react. I’m particularly stunned by this comment:

Maybe I’m being a bit harsh, but if you’re going to claim power over me to set public policy on firearms, you should at least not be a total moron on the subject. I don’t expect you to be able to identify this firearm as an H&K G36KV, but I do at least expect you to know what end pointy hot lead comes out of. I think most people who aren’t complete idiots know what end that is.

UPDATE: Looks like I’m not the only person that noticed.

16 thoughts on “Not Smart Enough to Make Public Policy”

  1. “… but I do at least expect you to know what end pointy hot lead comes out of.”

    I dunno. I can remember coaching city boys on the range a Ft. Bragg and having to remind them that ammo was loaded pointy end to the front.

  2. Looks like a standard G36C to me. The standard G36KV would have a longer barrel/hand-guard with four ventilation slots as well as a different carrying handle/sight setup with an integrated scope. Wikipedia says the Latvian military purchased ‘G36KV’ rifles but those have a different stock, C-type carrying handle, and additional rails.

    Which, only goes to prove you’re point anyway.

  3. Quote: Brent Prescott ‎@Mary Kay Mace, not to be defending these rednecks, but the end that goes boom is the narrow end, which is pointed “safely” 180 degrees away from Santa and baby.

    Even when somebody notices the stupidity of a comment, we’re still assailed with insults like “redneck” by these experts. Gee, I’m glad he’s on our side.

    By the way, I consider being called a redneck and/or a clinger to be the ultimate compliment.

  4. So Mary Kay are selling Mace now? I wonder if comes in a range of gentle scents?
    Thanks for the pic and links. Anything that makes a totalitarian idiot’s blood pressure to spike tends to cause a mellow moment in me. :)

  5. Interestingly, they’re the recommended on-line vendor for US Palm, which made a bit of a splash recently for their “body armor for civilians” (linked to by the Instapundit and others like SayUncle). This is a set of reasonably priced front and back panel and/or hard plate carriers that like solder’s outer armor but unlike your full concealable vest is quick to don. Useful for “bump in the night” scenarios where time is of the essense, for handing to a non-combatant (less coverage but also less $$$) or for carrying your hard plates over your concealable vest.

    I ordered a Defender MOLLE in Multicam from them which they shipped the next day. Appears to be high quality stuff, BTW.

  6. That’s about the 4th time Ladd’s posted one of those pictures hoping to stir up his base. And we’ve seen what kind of refuse has floated to the surface.

  7. BTW she’s not just some facebook fan, she’s yet another Joyce Mouthpiece calling for more gun control.

    Doesn’t know which end the bullets come out of, but knows what’s good for us.

  8. At least we “rednecks” know which end to point and at whom to point it. This is such a target-rich environment.

  9. I am doing something right… My wife looked at it and said “that is rediculous” talking about the guns and I pointed out the comment to which she said “his finger isnt on the trigger and it is pointed in a safe direction.”. I redirected her to the other gun and she she “that gun is pointed the other way… That is the base. Even I know that”.

    My wife has no idea what the stock of the gun is called, but she identified good trigger control and knows which d the bullets come out of!

    But the best part was when my 4 yo daughter said “Is that the real Santa?”. The beltfed weapons didn’t even strike her as odd.

  10. While I may (and do) think that the Santa Claus promotion was incongruous event for premium club like SGC to attempt, speaking as someone who’s shot there frequently, them HK’s are empty.

    I gaur-an-damned-tee it.

  11. Mary Kay Mace – another professional victim. Sorry her daughter got killed in a shooting , but I have to wonder, if she’d been killed by a drunk driver would she be trying to ban cars? Guns aren’t the problem, murderers, rapists, robbers, etc are. Not to mention, a college educated person who can’t figure out which end of a gun the bullet comes out of is just.. sad.

  12. Here in Canada that photo is getting very negative play. Who in there right mind uses Santa Claus for a gun picture? Over kill most likely even someone like me who is for guns just can not get over the photo. Different worlds our two countries. And thank you for pointing out what was wrong. My brain was going squirrelly knowing something was wrong.

    1. Well, they are of course making a point, militant though it may be…. And an important one as we renormalize guns in the general culture after decades of vicious attacks on them and guns owners.

      Different worlds our two countries.

      Indeed. Here “Santa” delivers quite a few guns for Christmas day, a fact lampooned in the 1983 movie A Christmas Story. Given that in most states there’s little or no paperwork involved (if bought at a gun store you have to fill out a form and get an instant check (except in some states when a carry license suffices for the latter)) it’s just not that a big deal. Giving one of your kids a BB gun or pellet rifle in most states involves no paperwork, and I seem to recall getting one of mine for Christmas (some years after being taught how to shoot and demonstrating the responsibility required). It’s just all part of our gun culture which goes back to colonial times.

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