3 thoughts on “Winning”

  1. My 21 Year old daughter actually came to me over the weekend and asked me if I would take her out shooting. I suggessted a trip to the range, when she told me she also wants to shoot my AK and AR. To do that right will require a trip out into the woods (There are no good rifle ranges around here).

    This surprised me because she had never expresseed any interest in firearms or shooting sports.

  2. Of course we’re all compensating for something, and I don’t see anything wrong with admitting it. Personally, I carry a firearm because I’m compensating for my physical inability to fight off a large, male attacker with my bare hands.

  3. When I took my daughter shooting for the first time, she said, “How come you never told me how much fun this is?” My wife is also a shooter, and has her own CCW. We enjoy going to the range at our nearby gun club and spending an afternoon punching holes in silhouette targets.

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