Montana Senators Announce Opposition to ATF Power Grab

Both Baucus and Tester have spoken out against the requirement, arguing that such a regulation being proposed as the prerogative of Congress, not of ATF.

UPDATE: Denny Rehberg, Montana’s Congressman, has joined with a letter to ATF, co-signed by 33 other house members. You can find that letter here.

Worth noting that Montana’s Senators are both Democrats, and probably have the most to lose if the Democrats are visibly seen as pushing a gun control agenda.

4 thoughts on “Montana Senators Announce Opposition to ATF Power Grab”

  1. 33 house members and 2 senators. Could be 60 senators and 250 house members. It does not matter. This is the ATF when have they EVER obeyed the laws they are supposed to?

    As far as the ATF is should be destroyed. And EVERY member in prison. And NONE of there operations taken over by the FBI as all BAFTE does is harrass gun owners and dealers. They do NOTHING else. Well nothing constructive or relevant.

    I wrote my house member. The one leaving and the one going in. And both my senators. Lets see if anything comes out of it.

  2. As a matter of fact, we have been reminding every Congressional office of the 2008 interference by Congress with the NPS weapons amendment process. In summary, our first comment period closed, we won. Mr. Akaka wrote DOI and convinced them to “Re-open” the comment period to give them a better chance. We won that comment period too and they were forced to implement the regulation because we had numbers, period.

    So Congress can, and has not only stopped regulations from going forward but actually pulled them back from victory !

    This is a good first step.

  3. We need a constitutional amendment making a new and improved commerce clause. Then we wouldn’t have all these little BS fights to deal with.

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