Campus Carry Debate at GMU

You’ll notice our best buddy, Ladd Everitt of Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, attended a counter-protest. As for activity on our side, I’m generally of the opinion that the campus carry movement needs to be an organic movement among students, which is one reason I really like the Students for Concealed Carry on Campus group. I think when it’s done by mainstream groups like NRA or VCDL, it can come off as a bunch of old dudes trying to impose something on the student body, rather than something the students want for themselves. I was happy to see a lot of student-age looking folks in the video, but also some folks that would qualify as your pretty stereotypical gun owner demographic. If I were organizing a protest like this, I’d stipulate we want people under thirty for the cameras.

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  1. Just because you’re old doesn’t mean you’re not a student. Most of the guys I hung out with were in their 30s and getting their degree on the GI bill. They were front and center for supporting the SCCC movement when it showed up on the WSU campus.

    Even more than that though SCCC helps those who work for universities as well. My wife worked as an animal tech in a lab which had been attacked by ALF numerous times yet the school told her both as a student and an employee she couldn’t be armed.

    The demographic isn’t as narrow as may think and many fall into the student category you wouldn’t otherwise consider. Remember people who are working on Post-Graduate work, they don’t fit the “normal” demographic.

    Overall I agree, it shouldn’t be groups like the NRA spear heading, but I wouldn’t dismiss support because, “they looked like a typical gun owner.” Even in their late 50’s early 60’s they could be a professor.

    1. Just because you’re old doesn’t mean you’re not a student.


      I’m 34 and a part-time student at a local community college. Every time I go to a class I have to decide whether I’m going to carry and risk getting booted out of school if I’m caught, or not carry and risk not having my gun if I need it.

      If I can manage it, I will be at the Virginia Tech protest next week, at least for part of my lunch break (I’ve used up my vacation time for the year).

  2. The problem with a student lead movement is the very nature of the students. Since the 60’s we have stopped teaching young people to be leaders. We’ve demonized the boy scouts, church groups, and hunting. All these things made men, and not weak dependent men. We’ve taught kids that they should not stand up for what they believe in, not the rock the boat, and not to cause a scene.

    You can’t expect a movement, group, or even country to thrive without solid leadership. Today we’re teaching boys to run away from a fight, it’s okay to cry, and punishing aggressiveness. We’re feminizing little boys. The fallout is going to be horrible for all.

    1. David,

      It is perfectly acceptable to cry. It is not acceptable to cry in the expectations that someone else will solve your problems for you, as though you were a child. Critical difference.

      My 2 cents.

      1. If you teach little boys that it’s okay to run away and cry, you create a population of kids who grow up running from problems instead of confronting them. You’ll end up with Europe, a bunch of feminine guys who can’t and don’t do a damn thing.

        1. I did not say run away and cry, I said cry. Example of the difference: Unconditional Surrender Grant during the Overland campaign. After the terrible losses suffered during the first day of the Battle of the Wilderness, he retreated to his tent and broke down – but was right back in action the next day.

          Emotional release is a cathartic thing, and helps keep us sane – but it does not remove our responsibilities.

          Or perhaps I am merely the coward of the county. YMMV.

  3. GMU has a lot of older, often part-time, students. It was originally the northern Virginia commuter campus of the University of Virginia, and only went independent in the early 70s. I’ve taken some graduate classes (in information security) there and for those classes, I’d guesstimate the median age in the 30s.

  4. Realistically, you won’t get more than a handful of students involved. Most students are too interested in sex, studying, athletics, ect. Then there is the risk to their grades for being associated with a Conservative group.

    I may be old but I’m fighting for the rights of others to carry. To often, gun owners selfishly leave others behind. We need to stop that and fight for the rights of EVERYONE.

  5. I should add that Phillip Van Cleave is AWESOME! He’s inspirational for gun groups outside Virginia.

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