Interesting Semi-Auto Shotgun

Steve at the Firearms Blog has all the specs and some pretty pictures of the system, so go check it out. It holds sixteen rounds of 12 gauge in a magazine which the shooter has to rotate every four shots:

Makes me wonder how hard it would be to create a magazine system similar to this, but where you rotate it after insertion to wind a spring, and the rotation happens automatically during firing. Of course, that might be a little bit too much like this for comfort of the manufacturer.

The problem with semi-auto tactical shotguns is that the magazine needs to be huge to have a reasonable capacity. This is an interesting solution.

3 thoughts on “Interesting Semi-Auto Shotgun”

  1. I believe it already exists, although the firewall at work prevents me from accessing the site.

    The XRAIL system is / was available as an add on rotating magazine for some of the more popular shotguns (590, 870, Super 90?).

    I always wanted to get one, but never placed an order.

  2. What’s the improvement over the Saiga magazine fed shotguns? Other than it works with non-Saiga shotguns?

  3. I Google-youtubed the AA-12 automatic shotgun and ho-boy! Fun city! If they could make a semi-auto civilian version of that, sign me up!

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