How Being Stupid Changed His Life

Plaxico Burress speaks at Brady’s New York Gala:

“I never thought my gun would accidentally discharge”

Really? I think that’s an entirely predictable result of carrying an unholstered Glock in a pair of sweat pants. He says he no longer owns a firearm. That’s good, since I’m pretty sure he’s a prohibited person at this point.

6 thoughts on “How Being Stupid Changed His Life”

  1. I knew this post was about Burress before I clicked the link in Twitter…

    Stupid is as stupid does, I suppose.

  2. I’ve not seen a “Brady Gala” before, but for those who have … is being a goddamned idiot a prerequisite for speaking there? Or is that just a coincidence in this case?

    Am I correct to recall that Plaxico is doing this as some sort of “community service” portion of his sentence?

  3. We need this guy on their side like we need a hole in the head. That said, he was an idiot for carrying without a holster, lost his right to possess firearms because the city of new york refuses to issue licenses (though I suspect he may have been able to get one had he tried) and is now whoring himself to serve someone else’s political ends supposedly as a punishment for his crimes against the state.

    He may as well call them massa’ and carry their water because they care about this guy’s life about as much as the bug that hit their BMW’s windshield on the way to the gala. He is a convenient means to an end for them. His legals troubles are frankly is the result of their desired policies, not the cause of them.

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