Shots You Shouldn’t Take

At your leg, because you decided to stupidly Mexican carry a Glock in your sweat pants to a New York night club and drink, without a license to do so. Apparently that makes you qualified to help our opponents. Next time our opponents try to tell you we’re in league with gun criminals, throw this in their faces.

9 thoughts on “Shots You Shouldn’t Take”

  1. I was a little torn over this case because NYC should allow concealed carry, and the punishment seemed overly harsh. Then again, the way he was carrying was stupid, and he probably was able to afford private security if he wanted it, unlike the rest of us.

  2. I will beat this horse until it gallops again: our opponents are stupid and do not realize how stupid they are.

    Get in their face and punch back twice as hard. They are too stupid to realize what an untenable position they are in.

  3. Burris took the easy way out with the jail sentence. Had he stood up for the RKBA he might have had a long shot on avoiding a jail sentence and changing NY gun laws.

    Now he has a chance on the National Felon League.

    He was only out for a night of fun. What he thought was his weapon was just a gun. Please finish this pun.

  4. You really want the first plaintiff challenging New York City’s gun law to be a guy who carried illegally into an establishment, was drinking, and who shot himself in the leg negligently because the gun was improperly carried?

    Good luck with that case.

  5. Many criminal types have influenced our legal system because of a judge’s opinion.

  6. Ever since this incident, I now use the term NFL Carry instead of Mexican Carry.

  7. Doesn’t he understand the whole point of rolling large with your entourage is to have a body guard hold the gun in case The Man comes calling?

    Seriously though, 2 years for a concealed weapon violation when he wasn’t even menacing anyone??? That seems to violate the 8th amendment, let alone the 2nd. Why anyone lives in NYC, MA or similar totalitarian hell holes is beyond my comprehension.

  8. I think it was Massad Ayoob who defended the term “Mexican Carry”. It was how the locals in Mexico (I can’t remember the term–it was the local equivalent to “cowboy”, though) carried their gun after they were banned. They had to give up their holsters and the belts that carried the ammunition, but they refused to give up their gun.

    A stupid way to carry, indeed; but it was noble, considering the circumstances.

    Perhaps the term “NFL Carry” should be reserved for those celebrities who carry to be cool, would more often than not, just shoot themselves in the leg or foot, and otherwise get into trouble with the law.

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