Clinton Testifies

Much like Big Sis Napolitano, Clinton also knows nothing.

3 Responses to “Clinton Testifies”

  1. Sage Thrasher says:

    Funny how nobody can remember the first time they learned their departments might be involved in illegally sending some 2,000 guns to Mexico that have been linked to hundreds of murders including U.S. law enforcement personnel. You’d think a revelation like that would make more of an impression on someone.

    Pretty revealing that she had no opinion on the interpretation of the Arms Export Control Act, beings how she’s only the lowly Sec. of State. I’m very glad to see that line of questioning being pursued because THAT is how people will be sent to jail, assuming anybody is ever held accountable for this travesty.

  2. Sigivald says:

    Seems believable to me – that DOJ/BATFE/DEA wouldn’t ask State’s permission to do this crazy-stupid scheme.

    Has anyone even alleged they did ask State for permission, let alone got it?

    (And I wouldn’t expect the Secretary of State to have an off-the-cuff opinion of interpretation of the AECA, either.

    That’s what the grunt lawyers are for – Sec. of State does a lot more high-level policy work than interpretation of statutes.

    I’m no particular fan of Clinton’s, but in my following of the F+F scandal over the past few months, I’ve heard nary a word about State being involved.

    She might simply be telling the plain truth – politicians sometimes do that, on the occasion when the plain truth is on their side. Rare, but not unheard of.)

  3. Zermoid says:

    Slightly off subject, but DAMN, she looks even worse than last time I saw a picture of her!

    (I didn’t think that was possible)