When Ninjas Attack

This is pretty funny, I don’t care who you are. For the uninitiated, it’s a parody of this post and comment thread over at TTAG, which has spawned much discussion both at Uncle’s and Caleb’s.


4 Responses to “When Ninjas Attack”

  1. Graumagus says:

    These guys are all idiots. Obviously, Ninjas are trained to dodge bullets, and advertising your aiming point with a laser is pure folly.

    I always keep at least two tactical Napoleonic eight pounders loaded with grapeshot at the top of my stairs. It’s important to have a minimum of two, in case the ninjas send the initiates who aren’t making the cut at their secret base in the volcano up first to absorb the barrage.

    I’ve been in a heated debate on several forums about the load for the cannon as well. I agreed that mixing in salt and silver shot was a great idea in case there are werewolf or witch ninjas leading the attack, but the wooden stakes just don’t make sense at all. Vampire ninjas have to be invited in, and if you do that you obviously have no tactical planning skills at all.

  2. Oakenheart says:

    What ammo for demon ninjas?

  3. HerrBGone says:

    Actually the best weapon for demon ninjas is a SuperSoaker loaded with Imodium AD. Hold your ground while blasting them and yell “You shall not pass!”

    Oh wait! That’s for Balrog…