The Next Step in Canada?

Canadian Flag

So a stake has been driven through the heart of the Canadian Long Gun Registry by Steven Harper’s Tory Government. This is a momentous achievement for Canadian Gun owners. But what comes next? This article offers a key insight:

But it will be shortly ending. The Conservatives have signalled they will introduce legislation to abolish the registry, fulfilling a campaign promise – a promise its predecessor party first made in 1997.

They are finding, however, that breaking up is hard to do because over the years the registry has been a stalwart friend, a gift that kept on giving. They have used the “Liberal” registry to raise funds and create division in opposition parties.

Canadian gun owners should understand that politicians do nothing out of the kindness of their hearts, or because it’s the right thing to do on general principle. There might be a few individual true friends here and there, but as a lot they are motivated by self-interest. That self-interest, for the most part, revolves around winning elections.

So Canadian gun owners need another issue that can be that “gift the keeps on giving” for the Tories. The key is to never be satisfied. Now that Canadian gun owners have their victory, now is definitely not the time to go back to sleep. Now is the time to wake up. The National Post might offer some guidance in this area, namely attacking licensing.

But gun owners in Canada need some organization. While the Canadian Shooting Sports Association has a decent online presence, The Canadian Institute for Legislative Action needs some serious help. This is an area some volunteers would be helpful, so if any Canadian citizens are reading, and have some free time, go offer to help out Tony Bernardo. Right now their online presence screams one man operation. That has to change if you want to move forward.

UPDATE: More ideas here. I wish our media would help us strategize!