PA Democrats Don’t Support Gun Rights

As mentioned by Bitter yesterday, none of the Democratic candidates for Pennsylvania Governor support our Second Amendment rights. They are all in favor of radical gun control measures, including semi-auto bans, ending statewide preemption and letting local governments infringe on our rights, rationing gun purchases, and, in violation of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Heller, requiring child safety locks. But I won’t make you take my word for it, I’ll let them do the talking.


Some things you will miss in this video, is the scant applause gun control receives from even this very progressive crowd. There’s maybe two to four people in the back clapping after every answer, whereas on other topics, like health care, the candidates get rousing and loud applause from the room. What does the Democratic Party think it has to gain in Pennsylvania by continuing to hammer away on this losing issue? Let’s teach them a lesson in November. Eight years is long enough to have a gun grabber in the Governor’s mansion.

5 thoughts on “PA Democrats Don’t Support Gun Rights”

  1. Who is running for the GOP nomination? And who is least likely to prevail against them?

    1. Least likely to prevail against the likely candidacy of Corbett is Hoeffel. Hoeffel is far too left fiscally for this state. He’s not exactly anything moderate on social issues either, but he wants to grow government in leaps and bounds – rewriting the state constitution while he’s at it.

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