Have Any of the Occupiers Even Read Orwell?

Or did they just take Oceana is a blueprint for a just society? Because I can’t imagine anyone who’s a student of Orwell could possibly produce something like this and not be completely freaked out:

For more background, see this article. What are they teaching in schools today? Another irony, which I’m sure is completely lost on the Occupy Charlotte folks trying to drive out their founder, is that they would overlay the music of a Polish Nationalist, who had to flee his native country that was brutally attacked by the Russian Bear. If you’re looking for music to go with a purge, I have a better suggestion than the use of Chopin.

3 Responses to “Have Any of the Occupiers Even Read Orwell?”

  1. Harold says:

    Perhaps it’s like Atlas Shrugged, which lately the Instapundit has been commenting more and more wasn’t intended to be an instruction manual.

  2. A Critic says:

    Join the Conservation (1 comment)

    Is that supposed to read “Join the Conversation”?

    “What are they teaching in schools today?”

    The 3 I’s: Illiteracy, Ignorance, & Incompetence

    (and no I’m not being witty…that really is the curriculum)

    • Sebastian says:

      Ooops… yeah… I had mistyped it for the case where there was only one comment. I also fixed the CSS so it doesn’t indent. It inherited that from the top, which was inappropriate on the bottom.