Putting the “C” in Crazy

While the Pennsylvania media is busy writing about how insane Pennsylvania gun owners are, I decided to look up the person who was apparently responsible for the banner which gave the people allied against us all the ammo they need:

Alan Kiser

Warning, the web page will annoy you with cheesy music. I happen to believe that people who assault my ears with cheesy music because I loaded their page should most definitely be hung from the tree of liberty. Leave it to a third party dude to bring the crazy to the party eh?

Constitution Party of Pennsylvania

Ahhh! More crappy music! I love the use of vibrato on some sections that just kind of bashes you over the head. I think it might have stolen my wallet too.

Now I’m not bashing third parties here folks. They serve a very valuable purpose in making the two main political parties, who are about as worthless as the dirt on the bottom of my shoe, seem sane and reasonable. The sad part is that I support a lot of constitutionalist views. I just can’t abide by the freaky religious stuff and rhetoric that underlies much of what the CP does.

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