Popularity of Shooting Coupon Bargains

I clicked on an old link from a friend for a Living Social coupon offered a couple of weeks ago for an hour of firearms instruction, gun rental, and eye/ear protection in the DC area. Said friend was amused because of the description:

Are you ready for the best firearms deal to hit the DMV since District of Columbia v. Heller? Well, sharp shooter, focus your crosshairs on today’s deal and pull the trigger…

But today, I noticed just how many they sold – 1,957. Considering the coupon applies for up to 3 people with each deal purchased, that’s the potential for nearly 6,000 people to learn how to shoot thanks to this deal.

4 thoughts on “Popularity of Shooting Coupon Bargains”

  1. A local indoor range has jumped on the social coupon thing big time, and it’s paid off in hundreds (if not thousands) of people coming to the range for an hour’s free rental.

    Good for them.

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