The Need for LTC Reform

Getting highlighted in the debate over the passage of Castle Doctrine. Senator Daylin Leach, a far lefty, offered the “Florida Loophole” amendment:

Sen. Robert Robbins (R., Butler) said Philadelphia residents were being forced to go to other states because authorities have “reinterpreted” the state law. He said he had heard of cases where people were denied gun permits for minor infractions like parking tickets.

Leach argued that if Philadelphia was violating state law, then people could sue the city, and he told lawmakers that if the state law was too weak, then change the law.

So does that mean we can count on Seantor Leach’s support in removing the character clause then and making the standard for issuance, denial or revocation of a License to Carry strictly objective? As for suing the city, you have to hire a lawyer for that, and only the rich can afford lawyers. They are certainly orders of magnitude more expensive than paying the 120 or so dollars to Florida for one of their licenses.

Over at PAFOA, we can see for the last year such data was reported, Philadelphia revoked at a rate of approximately 17% of the permits issued in that year. From 2000 to 2006, they have represented anywhere from 32 to 40% of the total number of revocations in the entire Commonwealth, despite only issuing about 5% of the total LTCs statewide. Allegheny County’s revocation rate per year, by contrast, is anywhere from 0.46% to 1.28%. They peaked at 6.64% of the statewide total, issuing more than twice the number of LTCs as Philadelphia. This is all compiled with State Police data that mysteriously disappeared when the new anti-gun commissioner took over, though I still have the original sources.

Something is wrong with that picture, and it has to be fixed. Making people hire lawyers to sue the city is not the answer. The law has to be changed. I’m glad to see Leach realizing that, and look forward to his support on a reform bill.

3 thoughts on “The Need for LTC Reform”

  1. I’m glad to see Leach realizing that, and look forward to his support on a reform bill.

    Heh. Really, I chuckled. I know what you’re doing here, but I can’t help but laugh.

  2. When I saw Florida and LTC, I thought you were talking about nursing homes until I read a little further. In my job, the abbreviation LTC means long term care.

  3. Sebastian, would you be able to upload the original PSP sources that have since disappeared?

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