Christmas Lights

Some people seem to have way too much time on their hands for Christmas decorations.  There tastefully decorating your house for the holidays, and then there’s going way way overboard.  Basic rule of thumb: if PECO is having to pull a few extra control rods out of the reactor in order to keep your house lit for the holidays, you’re probably going overboard.

Another thing that really creeps me out are those giant inflatable Christmas characters.  In my neighborhood we have a Homer Simpson, several giant sized Frosty the Snowmen, a Santa Spongebob, and if that wasn’t going far enough, there’s the new ones that blow snow all around inside them.  Every time I see one of those it makes me upset that live grenades are illegal.  Not to be outdone by the life size snow globes, the inflatable decoration industry has been making their inflatables even larger.  If Frosty gets any bigger, I’m going to start panicking that the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man has finally come to destroy my neighborhood.

When it comes to Christmas deocration, I’m definitely of the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid).  Less time decorating means more time at the range, so you can stay sharp for the day inflatable Christmas decorations come alive and try to kill us all.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Lights”

  1. I’d say just “do the bushes”. That’s generally useful in almost any situation.

    I’m surprised PETA isn’t against Christmas lights for disturbing migrating birds.

  2. Don’t you realize that the inflatable decorations won’t come alive until 3 or 4am? You’ll be so far asleep by then that you’ll never have a chance. The only way to be truly safe is to booby trap your bedroom… and the house. Oh, who am I kidding. Just rig the whole neighborhood to be sure. After all, if it saves just one child.

  3. I’m more of an icicle lights kinda guy, but now that I have kids I understand it a little better. Little kids love that stuff. My kids always stop to look at it in the store.

  4. I fail to see how your neighbours xmas lights do you any harm. Kwitcher whinin’ already.
    And no, I don’t put up xmas lights.

  5. During a windstorm, one of the inflatables could come lose and end up in the street (or neighbor’s yard).

  6. In some cases I’ve seen around me; the inflatables are placed to block sightlines that are important for safely traversing an intersection. Since they’re in residential neighborhoods, nobody seems to care; but just wait till someone gets hit because of it.

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