More Whittling Away at GCA ’68

SayUncle notes another bill is being introduced to allow people to buy handguns out of state from FFls, and significantly ease interstate transactions between FFLs. These restrictions were a cornerstone of the Gun Control Act of 1968. If this can be repealed, it will be a testament to how far we’ve come. The sponsors of this bill are Senator Orin Hatch of Utah, and Senator Mark Begich of Alaska.

Our opponents are duly focused on HR822. But I don’t worry about them. They are in great shape to fight a multi-front war against the likes of us.

7 thoughts on “More Whittling Away at GCA ’68”

  1. This is a mess. Alan Gura has a winner of a case and someone wants to moot it. Why can’t someone move to moot Heller II instead?


  2. There has been an attempt to moot Heller II, but it got caught up in the whole voting rights for DC mess.

    And I don’t believe “winner of a case,” until I see an opinion. I have very little faith in the federal judiciary to do the right thing. Alan Gura is, without a doubt, a very talented attorney, but the federal judiciary, is, without a doubt, very unenthusiastic about the Second Amendment. I’m not sure I want to take a bet on which force of nature wins in this instance.

  3. I guess NRA should simply stop pushing pro gun legislation in Congress until Gura wins or loses every cases he’s filed. As far as I can tell, NRA has been working on this particular bill for at least 7 years. This bill was reintrdouced in the US House in Jan 2011 as HR 58 and recently introduced in the Senate by Hatch. This bill has been introduced in several Congresses going back to at least 2004.

  4. HR 4048 in the 108th Congress, HR 1384 in the 109th, HR 1074 in the 111th, HR 58 in the 112th and the Hatch/Begich bill in the Senate.

  5. Simple question. With the entire world of pro gun legislation they could be doing, why does it target Alan’s cases? How many years could they have brought this bill? 3? 10?

    How about preempting long gun registration instead?

    Nope. Let’s moot the guy who wins 2A cases. Sooner or later Alan Gura will decide that fighting for both the 2A while being undermined by the NRA isn’t worth it.

    We’ll get what we deserve then.


  6. Gene, it wasn’t introduced to target Gura’s case as this bill has been introduced in at least 5 different sessions of Congress going back to at least 2004, long before Alan filed his case. The House version was reintroduced in Jan of 2011. When was Lane filed?

    Just because a bill gets introduced in a legislative body doesn’t mean it has enough support to move. It took 7 years to pass the protection of lawful commerce in arms act after the municipal lawsuits were filed against the firearms industry and the Republicans controlled the House and Senate (on and off). I guarantee if NRA could have gotten it passed in a previous session of Congress, they would have. Thinking this bill was introduced to moot his case is ridiculous considering versions of this bill have been introduced in one or more chambers of Congress for at least 7 or 8 years.

  7. So, it hasn’t passed in any of the previous 7 years, what chance does it have of passing now? What has changed?

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