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I’m glad our opponents are busy helping make lists of politicians to vote for based on today’s mark-up session for HR822. That will save me some time:

GOP House Judiciary members were virtually unanimous in voting today to allow the following individuals to carry guns in public in states outside their home state: 1) Misdemeanant sexual offenders 2) Individuals on the Terrorist Watch List 3) Individuals with misdemeanor convictions for stalking. We really must have this bill. If the NRA says we need it, they will vote for anything without thinking through the real life consequences. Or maybe they have thought through the real life consequences which is even scarier and stupider!

I have a friend who’s a misdemeanor sex offender. Her offense? She did some modeling when she was younger, and did a topless photo shoot on what she thought was a secluded beach. Apparently not so secluded that someone didn’t notice, and called the police. She plead down to a charge that didn’t require registration, but it’s still a “sex offense.” Do you know what also is a misdemeanor sex offense? Getting a little too drunk in college and mooning someone. Being convicted of touching children is a prohibiting offense in every state that I know of, and touching children is exactly what our dishonest opponents want you think about when they mislead the public by proposing nonsense like this.

Individuals on the terror watch list we’ve long covered, but suffice it to say we don’t deny constitutional rights in this country without due process, which is precisely what our opponents advocate when they suggest this asinine idea.

I’m not even sure what a misdemeanor conviction for stalking is, as a matter of a “one-size-fits-all” rule. This is a new one. It’s always good to know the thinking of the gun control crowd when they are thinking of new ways to get more and more people prohibited from gun ownership.

I checked Pennsylvania’s statutes, and “Stalking” in Pennsylvania is a 1st Degree Misdemeanor, with a possible sentence of up to 5 years. This is a disabling offense federally. One thing to remember is that you’re a prohibited person under federal law if you’re convicted of any misdemeanor that has a possible sentence two years or more, even if you don’t end up serving any time in jail at all.

Given that HR822 only applies to individuals who are not prohibited under federal law, what classes of persons do our opponents mean to cover here? Once again they are being misleading and dishonest. Once again, they are hoping the American public doesn’t know better. And once again, I would like to point out, they are losing.

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  1. I’m not sure I follow 100% on how your friend’s pictures were a misdemeanor sex offense. Maybe if you posted them..

  2. Know what else is a sex offense? Public exposure.

    Which our opponents want you to picture some pervert in an overcoat randomly flashing people.

    But taking a leak in the bushes outside a bar carries the same charge (don’t ask . . . . and no, I wasn’t charged).

    Oh yeah, and I had a client once who was arrested for “solicitation” No, he wasn’t picking up a hooker. Which would have been a sex offense. He was scalping an extra ticket to a Washington Bullets (I refuse to call them by their PC name) basketball game. Same code offense though in DC.

  3. I was on a jury that convicted a guy of misdemeanor stalking. Here it’s a $1000 fine and 30 days probably. They guy was later convicted of trying to hire someone to kill his wife. He’s serving ten years now. Very sad bizarre case to sit on. I recommend jury duty to all my friends, you just can’t make up the stuff you see on jury duty.

    p.s. don’t bring popcorn, don’t ask me how I know.

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