PETA Strikes Again

Apparently they consider it a travesty that Prince William is a bird hunter, and are begging Kate Middleton to put a stop to it. If I were Kate, that would mean I have a very public dinner of pheasant.

As one might expect, the PETA nut cases are once again mischaracterizing the nature of bird hunting, and operating under the delusion that humans were never meant to be predators.

15 thoughts on “PETA Strikes Again”

  1. I treat PETA the same way I tear the Brady loonies. I ignore them completely. As a rule, the VAST majority of people do not agree with PETA or the Brady bunch.

    I try to educate that PETA really stand for;

    P eople
    E ating
    T asty
    A nimals

    1. I don’t ignore them partially because I think they are useful in reminding sane people that there are crazies who want to control their lives to that degree. One doesn’t have to be an angler to be offended by the comic book PETA tried to give to kids portraying their fathers who fish as murderers. Given the level of public support, telling your average, middle-of-the-road voter that they are trying to publicly force Kate to pressure William and all of the royals to stop hunting – it’s useful to play up these reminders that PETA is made up of really awful people who can’t keep their noses out of family business. Such little reminders every now and again keep people sympathetic to getting the government to back out of our individual lives.

  2. The only thing that baffles me is that such a loon-fringe group gets the press they do. From some of the things they do and say, logic says they should be disregarded as kooks, but the press seems to care for some reason.

  3. I would never advocate any new “animal control” laws, but there is a legitimate place on the free market for PETA’s ideas. Their efforts to show how chickens are treated poorly in large commercial poultry operations might persuade consumers to buy the “free range” stuff, for example. You might choose to buy kosher/halal meats after seeing some of their videos taken from inside of slaughter houses.

    Efforts to persuade people without coercion are fine with me.

  4. Birds are arguably, and maybe provably, what is left of the dinosaurs. Does any rational person think for as long as ten seconds, that if any bird thought he could eat one of us, that he would refrain from doing so?

    There are some nasty cassowaries, I’ve read, and I have looked a Bald Eagle in the eye from a close distance, and thought that he wouldn’t mind ripping me to pieces and eating me, except that I was too heavy to grab and fly away with.

    I live in Southern Florida. We have some mean scary mockingbirds here. Though they might not even have an ounce of edible meat on them, they’ll take on anybody. I have seen them chasing crows, vultures, and, I swear, eagles.

    So, I have no problem with killing birds and eating them, as I believe they’d generally be happy to do it to us if they could get away with it.

  5. If god didn’t want us to shoot pheasant, he wouldn’t. Have made them so plump and tasty!

    Sebastian, standing offer to hunt is on the table. Bird hunting has lots more action than deer hunting. In some states you can even do it on a shortterm license without all the hunter safety training.

    1. I like how in the deer hunting article, PETA says that her going hunting with them will her no favor with the royals. She’s a princess now.

  6. Good luck, PETA.

    While the family made good, Kate is solidly middle class and is not afraid of men or men doing manly things. Kate has gone hunting with Will in Africa for goodness sake.

    Say what you will about the Royals, but Will and Harry are not limp-wristed poofters who want to hang out in London all the time.

  7. Countertop, I’ve read that it’s even worse if one is a quail. Apparently quail are so delicious that, given a choice, any critters down to ants prefer them to any other meat. No wonder they are so famously nervous; absolutely everybody wants to eat them.

  8. The problem with quail, they just don’t have much meat. And so in order to secure a complete meal (mind you a tasty tasty meal) you have to shoot a whole slew of them.

    Grouse though, are the tastiest.

  9. It’s all been downhill in England since they banned fox hunting. Hopefully things are turning around with recent statements in support of self-defense by the PM, but who knows?

    PETA folks are bat-shite crazy. They even protested when Obama swatted a housefly.

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