Sea Kittens Are Back

Looks like PETA is trying to convince Hawaiian Airlines to celebrate Sea Kittens, their new name to endear fish to people so we will stop eating them. If God didn’t intend us to eat fish, he wouldn’t have made them taste good. Now it appears PETA thinks Sea Kittens need an official airline. Personally, I’m wondering how soon I can get an  X-Plane livery for the 737. That’s a pretty good paint job the PETA intern did on that. Maybe they should start a Sea Kitten virtual airline. The problem is then they’ll be complaining that X-Plane realistically simulates bird strikes. Blood on the windshield and all. But maybe PETA doesn’t care about the Air Bunnies that get stucked into turbofans.

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12 thoughts on “Sea Kittens Are Back”

  1. It is a mock-up. As Cranky Flier notes, it’s not even a plane model that Hawaiian Airlines uses. His commenters pointed out that it’s got to be a cargo plane since there are no windows. Another pointed out that it would potentially violate Hawaii’s ban on billboards. This is purely an attention-whoring stunt.

  2. If God didn’t intend for us to each fish, He wouldn’t have allowed us to invent deep-frying and batter!

  3. Good luck to PETA. In Hawaii, the Wahoo is called ‘Ono’, which means good as in tasty. It is apply named in Hawaiian whereas the common name is really just a description of the reaction when you catch one.

  4. I agree with wfgodbold: this could backfire. If we’re convinced that those fish in the water are “sea kittens”, we can easily make the leap of “If sea kittens are so tasty…then maybe real kittens will be too!”

    Of course, this won’t work for a second reason: When I think “sea kitten” I imagine a fluffy, warm, entertainingly curious creature that floats and/or swims in the water. I don’t think of something cold, scaly, and tastes good fried with butter and garlic!

  5. Hm. I should start some whacko animal rights group and donate my salary to the SAF, GOA and NRA. Let the loonies pay for something useful ;) Lessee, what percentage do sugarmann and helmke get of the total take.. like 80%ish? yea I could live on 10% and send the rest on ;)

  6. What a bunch of fuck-tards! I don’t eat a lot of fish because I’m just not that into it, but, come on! PETA is coming closer and closer to being one of those groups you laugh at and don’t take at all seriously. Maybe they should be more concerned with little children who don’t get treated right by their weirdo parents. Now *that’s* a cause I can get behind.

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