And Then There Were Two, Plus That Bitch Irene

Just got rejected by my top choice. Got three phone interviews in. The good news is that I won’t be commuting to New York, in all likelihood. The bad news is that of the remaining two, one I have not heard from one in some time, so I’m guessing that’s a no go at this point, and the fourth is the job I lined up if all else fails. It’s not one I really want to take.

The conclusion I’m coming to in all this is that it sucks to work for someone else. Regardless of what happens from here, I need to start developing side income. Long term I don’t want to have to depend on others to keep my head above ground.

The icing on the cake of all this is we could end up getting a bonafide hurricane coming through these parts. Winds here wouldn’t top 80mph, in all likelihood, but these storms tend to drop a metric crap load of rain, and bring winds high enough to knock out power. My basement is dependent on electricity in order not to become an indoor swimming pool, and I can’t stomach the thought, right now, of writing off 250 bucks worth of food in my fridge and freezer.

11 thoughts on “And Then There Were Two, Plus That Bitch Irene”

  1. If you are dependent on electricity to run your sump and food stores, I suggest a generator and a disconnect.

    It’s probably going to be a bit difficult getting them now that the prices have probably gone up since Irene is inbound.

    Another alternative option is batteries and and inverter that’s big enough. I take this round merely because I run my ham equipment straight off the batteries and I have high end batteries for my boat and vehicles that I use to drive the inverters if necessary.

  2. I have batteries enough for six hours of sump without juice. Not enough to run the fridge. I’ve never gotten the generator, but I think that will be on my list once I get a job.

  3. Fingers crossed for you. With this economy, even the best are having trouble finding jobs. Everybody I know working has had pay cuts – either from their employer, or from fewer customers and less work.

    I’m hoping that once the 2012 election results are in, people will start hiring. What I’m afraid of, is that Obama’s people with spitefully smash as much as they can on the way out, figuratively speaking

  4. Hiring is a slow process. I did not hear from a prospect for months and now I work there.

  5. I saw people buying dry ice this morning at Safeway. Seems crazy – the hurricane is scheduled for early Sunday, and dry ice will melt in your freezer. Why not just turn the freezer up to high now?

    I filled all the spare tupperware with water, and filled the empty space in the freezer and fridge. Because I can’t afford $50 for dry ice.

  6. That’s what I did, dusty. I can’t turn my freezer on high without freezing my fridge. I don’t have one of them fancy freezers :)

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