Defense Rests

More detailed information on the Ung testimony at

“I saw the group of guys and I saw Joy jumping up to the scaffolding and a guy kicked out at her,” Ung testified. “I said, ‘Joy let’s go’. I got 10 to 15 feet … I heard someone screaming … hey, hey I’ll touch her if I want, bleep.’

“I said, ‘Seriously, dude.’

”We began to walk backwards away from them. They kept coming at us; kept screaming. Tom kept coming at my back I just remember him screaming and Joy screaming. Tom was coming at me; he was right up on Joy.

“This guy was attacking Joy. I remember her pleading with him. He said, ‘I’ll bleeping kill you!’

” I walked away. I thought I saw Tom was reaching for something a gun or knife. I thought this guy was going to attack us again. We continued to walk away.”

Next time we report on this case, it should be with a jury verdict.

UPDATE: More over at Above the Law.

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  1. The attacker was a lacrosse player jock, so that site is likely to be skewed towards him. But I think Ung is in trouble – maybe not guilty – but defintly going to have trouble by the fact that he 1) testified that he always takes his loaded gun with him when he goes drinking and 2) that he said it was like being in a movie.

    I just don’t see that playing well with a jury. But, at the same time, maybe its a good way for the jury to connect with him.

    But I’d be worried.

  2. Above the Law reporting is much much more favorable to Ung. Of course, David Lat is a small little SE Asian guy.

    But, he’s also the brains behind Chris Christie’s internet rise to fame (or so I assume – little known fact: When Lat was exposed at the AUSA who was writing Article 3 Groupie, his boss was US Attorney Chris Christie who rather than fire him let him stay on the job till he could figure out how to turn the internet thing into a job. Its just too convenient then that Christie is second to none when it comes to spreading his videos)

  3. LOL there’s some idiot commenter on there saying he should have used force to injure and not kill

  4. So Ung drank five beers and did a shot? Hmmm. Although I still hope he is acquitted, he sets a bad example. Concealed carry means no alcohol in my book. The case would be a slam dunk if he’d been sober.

  5. I’ve had a beer or two while carrying, but I am careful to avoid areas where there are drunken college idiots and will always look for a way to diffuse a situation well before it turns violent.

    I wouldn’t make such a big deal of it. It’s better to take the train downtown for a couple of beers while carrying than to drive there unarmed. DUI is far more dangerous to the public, and you would be a fool to ride the El unarmed.

  6. Ash Said (February 15th, 2011 at 4:36 am):
    So Ung drank five beers and did a shot? Hmmm. Although I still hope he is acquitted, he sets a bad example. Concealed carry means no alcohol in my book. The case would be a slam dunk if he’d been sober.

    Whether he’s guilty of attempted murder will not fall upon whether he was intoxicated or not.

    If there is evidence of such, he may later be charged for carrying while intoxicated, but that is another issue.

    But I agree … carrying while intoxicated is not only illegal, but it’s stupid.

  7. No such crime as carrying while intoxicated in PA, but it’s a bad idea to drink that much and carry. Still, being drunk doesn’t negate self-defense… BUT you are being held to a reasonable person standard, so you don’t want the jury thinking you may not have been anything other than a reasonable person that night.

  8. I did not read anyplace where Ung was legally intoxicated, can someone show me that please?
    I no longer drink, but I use to.
    Someone wrote that Ung had 5 beers and a shot, but over what time period? From 7 O’Clock PM until 2:30?
    Was there any evidence produced that had their alcohol blood level tested? On both parties?

  9. One might point to the fact that Ung successfully defended himself, as postulation that he was sober enough.

    Had he not been sober, I wager he would likewise, be in the hospital and we’d be reading about random Asian couple attacked on the streets of Philly. Oh wait, probably wouldn’t hear a dime about the whole incident.

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