We’re Winning

Colleges in Pennsylvania are offering shooting lessons as part of the curriculum. Right now it’s only curriculum for wildlife biology students, but it’s a start:

“With this class, if one of these students becomes a pheasant biologist, for example, they know what the hunting end is all about. If someone asks them, ‘Have you even fired a shotgun before?’ they can actually say yes.”

I just like seeing colleges presenting the topic in a manner that doesn’t involve fanning the flames of hysteria.

2 thoughts on “We’re Winning”

  1. This is the dopiest thing I’ve ever read. Hunting classes? In PA?!? I went to Lycoming College; during bird season everyone came to school with their shotguns and Labs. During deer season, rifles and tree stands. One fall I decided to join in the fun and bring my handmade fowler for primitive season, and kept the frakking thing hanging on the wall for the rest of the year. The next year I had both of my reenacting gun sets with me: ’58 Sharps and two 1860 Armys, and my Garand and blanked-out M1911.

    Have things really changed that much since the mid-1990s?

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