We’re Winning: Campus Carry

The number of campuses that allow carry has doubled since Students for Concealed Carry on Campus got their activism on, and won a major victory in the Colorado courts. It’s really great work on the part of that organization. The Brady folks can claim all they want about how they are winning on this issue, but I think Daniel Crocker has found a great way to look at our progress.

2 thoughts on “We’re Winning: Campus Carry”

  1. Just think of what will happen once McDonald comes down.

    I think that systematic repeal of the various “no-carry” zones will be a common them in the coming years. We can get it whittled down to where bans exist only in truly “sensitive places.”

  2. As a former Colorado State University-Pueblo English professor who used to carry on campus, I am enjoying the heck out of these developments. :-)

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