Back in Roanoke

Yesterday Bitter and I spent the day with fellow gun bloggers SayUncle, Les Jones, Tam, and non-gun bloggers (but we don’t hold that against them) Glenn and Helen. We started out doing some shooting at Coal Creek Armory. Helen had fun with SayUncle’s 9mm AR-15. So did Bitter. She wants me to get her one now.

After shooting, we retired to the SayUncle compound for dinner, which was quite good! Bitter and I appreciate Uncle and Mrs. Uncle putting us up for the night. Thanks also to Les for picking up the tab for the range time.

Now we’re back in Roanoke for Christmas, Part II with Bitter’s family, and tomorrow we head back home.

2 thoughts on “Back in Roanoke”

  1. Very nice to meet you and Bitter.

    I really enjoyed shooting that Hi-Point carbine. That was a shockingly accurate gun. I like Uncle’s 9 mm AR, but for the money I’d probably go with the Hi-Point.

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