More on New Shooters

Hat tip to John Richardson, for this footage from NRA News of Cam Edwards and Ed Friedman taking Jim Geraghty to the range for the first time. Firing a submachine gun on the first trip to the range is pretty hard core, so kudos to Jim:

Quoting: “I now see why this is a fun recreational activity.” I’ve never seen anyone, who wasn’t the type to shit themselves at the sight of a firearm, who after rocking on full auto did not come away from the line with a big shit eating grin on their face.

3 thoughts on “More on New Shooters”

  1. Full auto firearms are the most fun and enjoyable of all firearms to shoot, thus not only do they pass the “sporting purposes” test, but they do so to a greater extent than any other type of firearm. ATF would disagree, but that’s to be expected, since they function as communist oppressors.

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